Amount of mobile searches that lead to action within one hour


Percentage of web traffic from mobile devices


Time spent on social media on smart phones compared to desktop


Amount of users that use multiple screens sequentially

Responsive websites that belong too you !


While many pay by month platforms are great, one of the big issues comes down to ownership, what happens years down the line if you want to move platforms or need one that offers you more diverse customisation options? often when you stop paying that monthly fee your website goes down and if you were to switch then you would have to rebuild it again. That’s why when we build your site we hand the “keys” over to you. It’s now yours to do what you want with, sure we will host it for free for 12 months of course but if you want it hosted somewhere else or someone else to change its content and work on it thats fine after all your website is yours…


Every website we make will be completely mobile friendly and work on any smart device. We even have the ability to pick and choose what shows up on which device to improve the look of the site.


We will ensure every page is SEO optimised, this will include making sure it has the right key words and meta data to help your preliminary ranking on google and other search engines.


We will host your website for free for 12 months upon it going live. after 12 months you can continue to keep hosting your site with us or of course you can switch to someone else at anytime.


Your website is always fully customisable, so what ever you want added or changed we can do. we will work with you to ensure your site is not only visually pleasing but showcases your company in the best possible way


Once we get in touch we will talk you through the process of us building your new website. We will explain things like the free hosting, what you need and that no payment is taken until you are happy with the finished site.


We will give you a time frame in which we will finish your site. also we will discuss what you want on your site how, you want it laid out, how many pictures do you want. Things like this will help us design the site the way you want it to look. We can customise any site to make it look the way you want it.


We will then halfway through the build send you a visual of the site. This is great not just so you can see how it is getting along, but maybe something looked better in your head than it did on screen? No problem just tell us what you want tweaked and we can do that for the rest of the site.

Your new Site! 

Once your site is finished we will let you know and show you all its features and content. Then we can put it live whenever you are ready. Maybe you are in a busy period for your business or the site was finished faster than expected? No problem your site will always remain built just let us know when you are ready for your site to go live and we will put it up straight away.